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The Black Rabbit story

Black Rabbit began in 2009 with an ambitious goal of... making videos for clients.

Yeah... you can imagine how successful that strategy was.

But we learned from our mistakes, kept growing, and developed our way of making films. Now we create commercials, music videos, and various forms of business films.

People liked our films. Wanted more. Gave us awards.

Over the years, we discovered what we like doing.

Helping brands tell captivating stories about their complex technology and services that form a connection with their clients.

In short, we like to tell stories that make people feel. Because those are the ones that work.
Check out some of them here

And we don't work with a**holes.

We don't tolerate toxic people. We recognize that sometimes they are the decision-makers or super talented artists.

Well... too bad for them.

We don't like working for or with people who don't treat others with respect. We know that creating fantastic work doesn't come with the hidden caveat of being a d***.

Directors, creatives, producers, editors.

We've got everyone under one roof. That way, we can tell amazing stories quickly and efficiently.

We’re a close-knit group of individuals that, simply put, like working together.

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How people feel about us after we've solved their business challenges.

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