how we do it

How to make engaging b2b videos?

Hyper-focus on the audience.

No. Not you. Your customers. We firmly believe you must know the target audience inside out to create a genuinely engaging b2b video.

And it's not just about personas and pain points. It's about how they behave, consume content, feel and ultimately... buy (hint: you gotta do the research). For example, did you know that 60% of b2b tech buyers are millennials now? And they do their research upfront before reaching out to sales.

And did you know that at any given moment, at least 95% of your audience is not in the market for what you are selling? We could say we have a customer-centric approach... but that's just marketing fluff.

When you make content that fits your audience, amazing things can happen… like CPC can drop by 75%, and CTR can increase by over 120%. Magic!

Tell a story.

Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. By using emotions, humour, relatable experiences, and good old filmmaking techniques, we create content that not only entertains but engages, educates and inspires action.

Storytelling allows us to create content that is memorable, shareable, and that forms an emotional connection. 

For example, over 80% of B2B buyers stated that they wish B2B ads had the same creativity as B2C ads and would make better decisions if the content was more engaging.

They are asking you for it. Ney, BEGGING. Why take the chance and not deliver?

You are probably asking yourself, how to create engaging B2B marketing content? Well, we can't say for others, but this is our recipe;

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Quality & Business Empathy.

The quality of our execution is something we take great pride in. We believe that great content not only tells a compelling story but also looks and sounds great.

Our creative team has years of experience working with B2B technology brands, and we understand the unique challenges they face when it comes to creating marketing content. But let's be clear.

Storytelling is not just about telling a good story; it's also about creating content that aligns with your brand's values, messaging, and business objectives.

We understand that our clients have high objectives and limited budgets. And that's why we combine quality execution with business empathy to deliver the best possible content that fits.