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The Best B2B Ads of 2023

Wojtek Jeżowski

August 8, 2023

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Have you wondered what are the best b2b video ads ever made? Or best b2b marketing campaigns or the greatest B2B explainer video of all time? That's perfectly normal to have such thoughts from time to time. You are, after all, probably working in B2B marketing. Maybe, you want to find references for your next marketing campaign or spice up your video marketing efforts?

As we've just begun 2024, this article will revolve around the best b2b video content of 2023. Here is a list of what I believe to be examples of the best b2b video marketing campaigns of the year. So strap in, and let's have a look.


Adobe. Acrobat's got it

These two video ads are examples of B2B video advertising done right. IMHO they are the top contenders for The Best B2B Ad Of The Year.

Why do we love it?

Adobe is producing exceptional video marketing content. The casting of Hasan Minhaj is spot on, which is one of the many reasons these videos have been exploding on social media platforms.

It's all there: a great brand message, a simple yet entertaining story, and the product and brand front and center.

This is a masterclass in interweaving your brand, marketing strategy, and product into the story. Why? Try explaining what's happening in these videos without mentioning the brand's name.

Hmm? Genius!

Crowdstrike: Troy

B2B cybersecurity brands can do video campaigns well too! This one was created for a TV campaign and repurposed for digital marketing campaigns.

Why do we love it?

It's something else. It's distinctive. It's a creative way of showing a modern intrusion attempt at your enterprise network via an analogy to ancient times.

A friend from the infosec industry recently said he didn't like this ad because it doesn't show the product's inner workings and will, therefore, not help in sales. I can't argue with that.

This ad is all about the top of the funnel, generating likability, awareness, trust, and, in conclusion, having a positive impact on sales.

If you want to know more about how B2B brands can leverage TV ads in their marketing strategies, check out this article.   

Squarespace: Singularity

Well... if you are looking for a unique video campaign, look no further. To say the least, this is one of the most visually striking video ads of the year.

To be honest, I needed a couple of viewings to really appreciate this production. Adam Driver is perfect. But what gets me is how the entire story revolves around the brand's core differentiator (or USP).

"Squarespace is a website that makes websites."

I love how the entire story is extrapolated from this simple premise. Do you think that's easy? Quick, can you name your brand's core differentiator in less than ten words?

And then turn it into an epic Superbowl ad?

Matomo: Googleheimer

This one took the internet by storm!

Why do we love it?

Kinda real-time video online marketing... taking the most significant pain point of all digital marketers in 2023 and mixing them with a spoof of the biggest movie premieres in 2023. That's what I call knowing your target audience. 

Plus, it comes from my friends at UMAULT. So you know it's gonna be good.

Workday: Rockstar

A lot of celebrities are on this list of B2B video campaigns. Is this becoming a trend, or what?

Why do we love it?

A play on a corporate trope. 

I enjoy it when an idea comes together from a simple insight based on behavior. Have you ever heard a manager saying to their employee that they are rock stars? There ya go. 

"Workday gives finance, HR, and IT teams the power to adapt to whatever comes their way without missing a beat. Those teams are often unsung heroes in an organization, and we want to celebrate them for the rock stars of business that they are. "

It's entertaining, it's memorable... it has Ozzy in it. What more can you want from a Superbowl video ad that won Gold at Cannes Lions B2B? 

Salesforce: Anything with Matthew McConaughey and AI

Yeah... it's a trend now :) Salesforce has been collaborating with the Lincoln Lawyer for a while now, and this is the latest in their B2B marketing campaigns.

Why do we love it?

The latest video ads are centered around Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the creators have leveraged the power of AI in their production process. As a result, the video ads are not only visually stunning but also highly engaging.

Matthew explores AI-generated landscapes, pondering the essence of life and AI.

Alright, alright, alright...

Honorable mention: GitHub

Ok, this video was technically published in Nov 2022, but we weren't doing "Best B2B Ads of the Year" articles back then. However, I have to mention it because it is frickin' awesome!

It's a masterclass of visual storytelling that combines elements of product and explainer videos with awareness marketing campaigns, covering all the pain points of the target audience.

Ha! It's not only about pain points. 

This video shows that GitHub KNOWS who its audience is, what they like on a personal and emotional level, and how they consume content.

Brilliant. That's how every explainer video should treat their audiences.

How to make the best B2B video ad in 2024 according to the best 2023 marketing trends

These are our takeaways from the best B2B ads of 2023. Treat them as an ultimate guide to your next video marketing strategy. Here you go!

Who is the hero?

In all these videos, the main hero is...your target audience. It's the person using the product. The customer. Your product, however, is merely a tool that navigates them toward success.

Well, maybe besides Matthew McConaughey. He's always the hero.

Features and benefits?

Not so much. It's more about how your product helps the customer become a better version of themselves. And that's powerful emotions.

If the features and benefits do appear, they are woven into the structure of the story, like in Acrobat or Squarespace marketing campaigns.

Likability is a key. 

Since we're speaking about emotions, likability is an emotion. It helps your target audience remember your brand and... well, likability is a strong indicator of future sales.

All of these videos show respect for their target audiences, form an emotional connection, and leave them feeling positive after watching. I know that I feel pumped.

All hail creativity!

Creativity is what gets you interested in an ad... but it's also creativity that gets you watching till the end. 

Plus, investing in creativity and quality lets you reuse that asset. Simply put, creative content has a longer shelf life.

These brands could easily run these videos in their B2B marketing campaigns for years to come, and people wouldn't mind.

So, how can you develop such ideas for your marketing videos?

Check out our tips & tricks and best practices for great B2B storytelling here.


When trying to get noticed in the B2B market by your prospective clients, you have to plan your marketing performance in advance, think of marketing strategies at multiple platforms, and type of marketing campaign that will increase brand awareness in the long term. You can start with a social media campaign and make great use of influencer marketing and user-generated content, and then plan to get use of email marketing to interest existing customers.

It does not really matter what marketing channels you decide to use. What matters is the kind of videos and video content marketing you include in your digital marketing strategy. Start drawing up your marketing plan for engaging B2B marketing campaigns.

If you need help with coming up with creative ideas and thenproducing B2B videos - please contact us here!