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B2B Video Marketing Statistics & Trends for 2024 You Need to Know

Wojtek Jeżowski

February 29, 2024

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Video’s dominance in B2B marketing is indisputable, and 2024 is poised for even greater reliance on this dynamic medium. For those strategizing for the next phase, let us provide you with a roadmap to success. This article will equip you with the top B2B video marketing statistics and trends for 2024 you need to know regarding the evolving role of video, including its impact on engagement and lead gen, without overwhelming you with irrelevant fluff. So, let's get started, shall we?

Key Takeaways - Why Online Videos Should Be a Part Of Your 2024 Marketing Strategy?

  • Video marketing is indispensable in B2B strategies with 91% of businesses considering it critical, influencing a 49% faster revenue growth rate among users versus non-users.
  • Website traffic, lead generation and conversion are significantly affected by video marketing, where 70% of B2B buyers interact with social media videos, and landing pages that incorporate video see conversions potentially increase by 86%.
  • Mobile dominance in consuming online video content necessitates mobile-optimized content, which is a common trend across different social media platforms. Video marketing statistics show that over 70% of YouTube views nowadays come from a mobile device and 75% of consumers watch videos with sound off.
  • The numbers are even greater for Facebook, where 85% of users watch all videos on mute, and, as far as ads are concerned, nearly 80% of users on Facebook watch them without sound.
  • Video marketing statistics show that the global average watch time for online videos is 17 hours per week, with 14.9% of millennials watching 10-20 hours of online video per week. And even in the age of short form video, it is still driven mostly by YouTube usage - for example, in the U.S. alone, there are 239 million users watching YouTube videos.
  • Yes, 91% of consumers want to see more online videos from brands, indicating a strong demand for this type of content. Online video has been shown to be a valuable and effective tool for brands.*

The Unstoppable Rise of Video in B2B

B2B marketers embracing video

Video marketing is no longer an optional aspect of B2B companies; it’s a necessity. The ubiquity of online videos has skyrocketed, with a staggering 91% of businesses acknowledging video as a crucial element of their marketing strategies. As more and more businesses embrace video, its role in driving revenue expansion becomes increasingly clear.

We will now examine the factors driving this relentless rise.

The Adoption Curve: B2B Marketers Embrace Video

The shift towards video is apparent, with platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn emerging as preferred avenues for showcasing B2B content. B2B marketers are increasingly leveraging live video in their marketing efforts, with 36% having published live video content on their social media channels. This is a testament to the power of video in audience engagement and effectively conveying intricate messages, ultimately driving sales and business expansion.

Video's Role in Revenue Growth

Video marketing isn’t just about producing visually appealing content; it’s about driving tangible results. Research shows that B2B businesses leveraging video marketing can experience a 49% faster year-over-year revenue growth compared to those who do not create videos. It’s no wonder then that a whopping 73% of B2B marketers acknowledge a positive impact of creating online videos on their marketing results.

The Shift Towards Video in Communication

The shift towards video isn’t limited to marketing alone; it’s transforming the way businesses communicate. From product demonstrations to expert interviews, video has become a primary tool for conveying complex information in a digestible format. Its ability to engage viewers and deliver significant business results makes it an essential part of contemporary marketing communication.

The Power of Video Content in Lead Generation and Conversion

Video content for lead generation

Video content isn’t just about entertainment; it’s a powerful tool for lead generation and conversion. Video marketers know that an impressive 70% of B2B buyers and researchers interact with social media videos during their purchasing journey, underscoring the impact of video content on their decision-making process.

Next, we will explore how to create video content that can enhance your lead generation and conversion strategies through an effective video strategy.

Lead Generation Through Video

B2B can marketers employ various marketing strategy techniques, including online video marketing, to generate leads. These include:

  • Promoting content across social platforms
  • Engaging influencers
  • Showcasing product demonstrations to help potential customers understand the value of their offerings.

By incorporating a clear call-to-action, which is a powerful marketing tool, marketers can motivate viewers to take a specific action, such as signing up for more information or requesting a demonstration, thereby advancing the sales process.

Boosting Conversion Rates with Video

Videos don’t just generate leads; they can also significantly boost conversion rates. In fact, incorporating a video on your landing page can result in a substantial increase in conversions, with a potential boost of over 86%.

By fostering trust with potential customers and enabling them to gain a better understanding of the products and services offered, video content can significantly contribute to enhancing conversion rates.

Role Videos Play in Influencing Purchase Decisions

Video content plays a critical role in shaping B2B purchasing decisions. From establishing trust to enhancing openness to sales communication, videos have a significant persuasive influence on marketing professionals and marketing teams. In fact, 89% of individuals acknowledge that watching a video played a role in convincing them to make a purchase.

This underscores the effectiveness of watch videos in shaping purchase decisions and driving sales.

The Dominance of Mobile in Video Consumption

Mobile dominance in video consumption

With the exponential growth of mobile devices, video consumption on these platforms has skyrocketed. Over 70% of YouTube views are generated from mobiles, indicating their dominance as the primary platform for video viewing.

This trend presents a unique opportunity for B2B marketing managers to tailor their video content for mobile consumption.

Mobile Viewing Habits

Internet users are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to consume video content. In fact, individuals dedicate approximately 3 hours and 46 minutes per day to watching videos on their mobile devices. This shift in viewing habits has significant implications for B2B marketers, who must ensure their videos are optimized for mobile viewing to effectively engage their audience. Keeping an eye on video marketing statistics can help marketers make informed decisions in this ever-evolving landscape.

Optimizing for Mobile Video

Given the dominance of mobile video consumption, businesses must optimize their video campaigns for mobile viewing. This includes considering the unique viewing habits of mobile users, such as the fact that over 75% of mobile users watch video on mute. As such, businesses should incorporate subtitles or captions in their videos to effectively communicate their message.

Social Media: A Hotbed for B2B Video Engagement

B2B video engagement on social media

Social platforms have emerged as a hotbed for B2B video engagement. From YouTube to LinkedIn, these platforms offer a unique opportunity for businesses to reach and engage their target audience with compelling video content.

Next, we will examine how businesses can use social platforms to their advantage in video marketing.

Social Platform Performance Analysis

To maximize video engagement, B2B marketers must understand the performance of each social media platform. This includes analyzing various metrics such as:

  • Engagement
  • Conversion rate
  • View count
  • Follower growth

By understanding these metrics, marketers can choose the right platform for their video content to maximize reach and engagement.

Trends in Social Media Video Content

Trends in social media video content are constantly evolving, and B2B marketers need to stay ahead of these trends, creating videos that engage their audience effectively. Current trends and social media video statistics include the rise of short-form videos, live video streaming, and influencer partnerships.

Key Metrics for Measuring Video Marketing Success

Measuring the success of video as a marketing tool is crucial for businesses to understand the effectiveness of their video content. This involves focusing on key marketing statistics such as views, engagement, and deeper analytics that provide insights into audience behavior and preferences.

We will now explore these metrics in detail, highlighting their significance in measuring the success of video marketing.

Views and Engagement Metrics

Views and engagement metrics are essential for determining the success of video marketing campaigns. These metrics include:

  • Total hours watched
  • Number of plays
  • Video completion rate
  • Shares
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Reactions

By analyzing these metrics, businesses can gauge the level of engagement their video content is generating and make necessary adjustments to their video content strategy.

Beyond Views: Deeper Analytics

Deeper analytics such as audience demographics, retention rates, and click-through rates provide valuable insights into the performance of video content. These analytics can help businesses understand their audience better, tailor their content to their audience’s preferences, and measure the impact of their video content on business outcomes.

The Future of Video Advertisements in B2B Marketing

Future of video advertisements in B2B

The future of video ads in B2B looks promising, with increased investment in video advertising and evolving video ad formats. As video continues to dominate the digital landscape, businesses must stay ahead of the curve to effectively reach and engage their audience.

Next, we will discuss the potential future developments in video advertising within the realm of B2B marketing.

Investment in Video Advertising

The importance of video marketing is reflected in the investments made by B2B marketers. With 45% of B2B marketers planning to increase their investment in video marketing, it’s clear that businesses recognize the value of video in reaching and engaging their target audience.

Evolving Video Ad Formats

As video continues to evolve, so too do the formats of video ads. From interactive ads that enable businesses to deliver educational content and generate substantial engagement, to shoppable videos that streamline the purchasing process for viewers, the possibilities are endless.

Businesses must stay on top of these evolving formats to effectively engage their audience and drive conversions.

The Role of Explainer Videos and Product Demos

In the B2B world, explainer videos and product demos hold a significant place among marketing vides, representing the most informative video content type. They serve as effective tools for educating audiences, demonstrating value, and driving sales.

We will now probe into the significance of these videos in B2B's evolving digital landscape.

Demonstrating Explainer Video Values

Explainer videos have several benefits:

  • They distill complex concepts into digestible formats, making them an effective tool for educating audiences about a B2B product or service and building trust.
  • They enable businesses to effectively convey intricate messages.
  • They increase the chance of user understanding the product or service, as individuals retain 95% of a message when presented in video format.

By simplifying complex concepts and products into easily understandable formats, they are an effective tool to engage B2B audiences and drive engagement.

Product Demos as Sales Catalysts

Product demos showcase the features and benefits of a product or service, acting as a catalyst for sales by providing potential customers with the information they need to make a purchase decision. By demonstrating the product’s features and communicating its unique selling proposition, product demos highlight the product’s value to potential customers and play a significant role in influencing them during the purchasing process.

Navigating the Challenges of Video Marketing

While video marketing offers numerous benefits, it’s not without its challenges. From conveying intricate products or services to managing a limited video budget, businesses face several hurdles in their video marketing efforts.

Next, we will discuss how businesses can overcome these challenges to harness the full potential of video marketing in their 2024 content marketing strategy.

Balancing Quality and Budget

Balancing the need for high-quality branded videos with budget constraints is a common challenge faced by B2B video marketers. By leveraging cost-effective marketing methods and focusing on clear objectives and impactful marketing messages, businesses can produce high-quality video content that delivers results.

Creative Video Marketing Strategies

Creativity plays a significant role in developing a successful video marketing strategy. From storytelling to leveraging user-generated content, creative strategies can help businesses create engaging video content that resonates with their audience and drives engagement.

By staying creative and innovative, video marketers can keep their video content engaging and informative, ensuring their audience stays hooked and maintaining a competitive edge over other companies.


Video marketing holds immense potential for B2B businesses and should be a crucial part of their 2024 content marketing efforts. From driving web traffic, revenue growth and boosting conversion rates to building trust and credibility, the benefits of video marketing are numerous. As video and live video continues to dominate the digital landscape, video marketers must leverage this powerful tool to connect with their audience, convey their message effectively, and drive business results.

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