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Helping an e-commerce brand build awareness with clones of a celebrity.

Shoper's story and what they needed is a Polish technology company that helps its users quickly set up their online stores. They act as a SaaS e-commerce platform. They turned to us to create video content assets that became the cornerstone of their first extensive marketing campaign on social media platforms.

Easy.  After all, that’s what we do.

But… the pandemic happened.

Everything changed, creating video content become complicated. So we had to come up with a creative approach that would engage with Shoper’s customers and at the same time be hassle-free to make under new production restrictions.

What the client needed: asked us to create social media video content which will be building their brand awareness. What they wanted was an impressive video content for their first big content marketing campaign.

We were asked to:

  • create a simple and direct story for social media platforms
  • mix of humor and essential information
  • possible to produce with limited talent and crew due to safety
  • accommodate creative to fit various digital formats (video content and ads creatives)

What we came up with:

We don't believe in halfway solutions. That is why we always consider costs and production resources while creating concepts. Taking everything into account, we proposed to create a series of simple videos instead of one "big" advertisement.

In short, we pitched:

  • 2 contrasting characters - an enthusiast and a pragmatic
  • both characters are fans of the brand, but for different reasons - specific to their personalities
  • there's a lot to talk about so instead of making a single video content about everything we'll make a few videos about specifics
  • minimal design makes it easy to quickly create multiple video formats
  • videos for Youtube pre-rolls ads should adhere to the fact that everyone wants to skip them

During one filming day, we created:

  • Two 40-seconds social media videos
  • Two Instagram Stories (short form video)
  • Various forms of YouTube pre-rolls
  • Photo content for graphic ads on social media platforms

So... how did it go?

It was a great success! A few weeks after launch, Shoper updated the media plan and moved one of the video ads we created to television.

Following this campaign Shoper experienced the biggest boost of brand awareness and social media engagement  in it's history.

Summary and behind-the-scenes

Does your company use potential of social media marketing in a right way? Do you know that social media content strategy needs perfectly curated videos (short form videos, long form videos, vertical videos)?

Sounds like your marketing team needs to create videos that will engage the target audience and grow your business? Excellent, we are here and we will help you! We know that video marketing has to be relatable!

Our intent is to tell engaging stories and create videos would social media users love and would share as user generated content (which builds real engagement).

We have the knowledge and experience your business needs. Not only we know how to videos, but also we understad different industries, needs, pain points and problems of their clients.

Let's team up and make some great video content for your business social media networks together!