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Helping a tech brand engage the right audience in the right way.

This will be a tale about failure... and how we turned that failure into a big win for Accenture.

As you may know, Accenture is a leading professional services company with over 500,000 employees worldwide. They needed to hire hundreds of new employees every month, so we were tasked with creating a video for their IT recruitment campaign in Poland that would resonate with their target audience.

The objective:

Accenture is committed to creating a diverse workplace, so its campaign centered around empowering women in IT - those already working, those just starting, and those who never even dreamt of a career in tech.

We came out swinging and devised a cool creative that focused on women overcoming various obstacles in their professional life, including academia, corporate, politics, and tech. The client loved the script. So we cast a diverse set of actresses, scouted locations, and basically, we're ready to shoot when.


...the Powers That Be said "Let's do a focus group first."

The twist:

Production was put on hold just days before the filming, and we commissioned a focus group study of the script and storyboard. As you might expect, the focus group consisted of our target audience: students and young professionals working in tech. 

A shocking discovery was made. Our audience did not engage with the script.

The group stated that they did not experience any barriers in the industry as women and did not feel their careers or personal life were hindered or influenced by sexism.

What's more, the audience perceived the theme of the gender accessibility gap as "obsolete" and the usage of it in marketing messaging as exploitative.

Hmmm... yeah.

The pivot:

We had to pivot fast. We dug deeper into that data and discovered that the group was indeed concerned about something. A gap between the new and old ways of thinking. A rift in worldview. 

Yes. The target audience mainly was Gen-Z 😎

Alas, we took that back to the drawing board. We fine-tuned our target audience, discovered what is essential to them and the language they engage with. We focused on a world united by technology, and developed a theme that computer code is the ultimate example of diversity.

It doesn't care about your gender, age, or where you come from. Technology doesn't discriminate. And so does Accenture.

Great. All that was left was to shoot.

The film:

Our aim was to create a video that went beyond mere talk and truly showcased diversity. So we needed to use diverse methods of storytelling.

Therefore, we utilized various visual techniques, such as pixel graphics, hand illustrations, 2D and 3D animations, collages, and stock footage, the works. We even filmed specific scenes to ensure the visuals aligned with the brand's message and connected with our target audience seamlessly.

And it totally worked! 

The results:

The video got over 21 million views across multiple channels. But, more importantly, the video engaged with viewers admiringly, leading to a very high percentage of video completions

A video resonated with the target audience so well that it had an impact the campaign's financials.... lowering CPC and CPM by close to 80% below the average. 

And best of all, over 2000 people hound a home at Accenture Poland, where they started or continued their journey in the digital transformation industry.

More specifically, the campaign achieved the following results:

  • Over 21 million views of the video 😎
  • Programmatic Complete Views Reach rate of 77%
  • 1 mln complete views on Facebook 🔥
  • 2.01% CTR on Facebook 
  • $0.1 CPC on Facebook (89% lower than average ad CPC in 2021) 😮
  • $0.25 CPC on Tiktok (75% lower than the average ad CPC in 2021)😲
  • 2310 clicks and 100k video plays on Linkedin

In summary, always be flexible, pivot fast, and, most importantly... just listen to your audience.

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