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Which Type of Car is Your B2B Marketing Video?

Wojtek Jeżowski

May 1, 2024

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Ever thought about which type of car your B2B marketing video would be? No? Well, good. That'd be a bit odd.

However, analogies can powerfully clarify the nuances in B2B video marketing strategy that are otherwise tough to grasp in plain chat.

Introducing my short guide "Which type of car is your B2B video". Let's think together which type of car your business needs for video content marketing. Let's decide on marketing tool which will drive best digital marketing as you could ever imagined!

1. The Sedan: The Performance-Driven Video Ads

Let's start with the most common type—the sedan. The original four-door car comes in various flavors, colors, and build quality. However, we can all agree that you can't look at the street without seeing one.

That sounds like your typical performance-driven video ad. It comes in various shapes and sizes and is cheap or expensive. Although they can be super targeted to a specific audience, almost everyone usually sees it and then tries to skip it. Often found as pre-rolls in front of very dubious videos on shady sites...

2. The Pickup Truck: The Sturdy Explainer Videos

This workhorse is a specialized version of the car, but not something uber niche. 

Everyone knows what they look like, but only a specific audience finds value in them. They do the heavy lifting and get down and dirty without breaking a sweat. 

In the B2B marketing world, what else can it be but the explainer video? Every respectable B2B company has at least one floating around. The backbone of B2B marketing content that is appreciated by a very specific group of people at a specific time (buyer's journey). 

Not everyone needs a truck, as not everyone buys B2B products or services.  Just as the pickups, they can be the super cheap and minimal (like the Honda Acty, which has similar cargo space to a Ford F150, but at a much lower cost)... but on the other side of the spectrum, you can have a video equivalent to the fancy six-wheeled gas-guzzling behemoth. Create videos you really want to drive!

3. Heavy Duty Vehicles: The Technical Demo 

The dozers, excavators, loaders—the heavy-duty vehicles—usually do just one thing, but man, do they do it right. Their fanbase is relatively small but super technical. Sounds familiar?

Good, that's your technical demo. It can be a simple 2-minute video or a super in-depth 30-minute video going deep into a product's inner workings and settings. Laymen will skip out after a few seconds, but the target audience will want more. It requires some skill to watch... and drive.

4. The Sports Car: The Brand Video

And now, what you've probably wanted from the beginning: How does the sports car compare to which marketing asset? Let's see.

The sports cars are fast, loud, cool and hot. Few are usually on the street, but you can't miss them when one drives by. They stand out.

These are your brand videos. If done correctly, they make your brand as recognizable and sought-after as these four-wheeled head-turners.

Like cars, brand videos are rare, but they grab the imagination of more than just your target market. They require special treatment and are usually more expensive, but you are getting high quality and a piece of your audience's memory to live in, so that's a fair price.

So you thought that's it? Nope.

There's one more type of car—the supercar. Also known as an exotic car, it is a type of automobile generally as a luxury, superlative performance sports car in terms of power, speed, and handling.

Super rare. Super fast. Super expensive. Super hard to drive. Some can't even be driven on the street legally.

However, their pictures hang on the walls of boys and girls who can only dream of affording one. And sure, although many want it, only a few will grow up to have the means to make it a reality. These cars are what dreams are made of.

Branded entertainment video content...

So, what can a video equivalent be? Well, I couldn't find a direct B2B equivalent. Basically it's content that generates such strong brand love that price sensitivity becomes irrelevant. It's what makes people want to work with you for years. It's content that immediately has a positive impact on your share price.

Tough one, right?

I did, however, find it elsewhere. It's called Branded Entertainment.

It's the marketing message wrapped in an interesting and entertaining blanket that the audience can't take their eyes off. It's content so good that the audience can't stop thinking about it. And even if they don't have the budget for the product it advertises, by golly, they'll spend years finding that budget. It builds brand love, but it does bring in revenue.

I have two favorite examples:

  1. The older one: GI Joe

The show helped to create a loyal fan base for the toys, and it also helped to generate interest in the brand among audiences who had not previously been aware of it.

In 1984, Hasbro's sales had reached $843 million, up from $282 million just four years earlier.

  1. The newer one: Cyberpunk:Edgerunners.

Most are aware that CD Project's launch of the Game Cyberpunk 2077 was troubled. After a while, the share value tanked.

‍Two years after the game's release, in September 2022, Netflix premiered "Edgerunners," an animated mini-series set in the game world.

The show was good. It had great characters, a great story, action, emotional investment, and epic set pieces. It made you want to relive this experience by yourself in the game.

This immediately impacted the game's sales. The average number of players on Steam rose from just shy of 19k a month to over 120k in September and October.

Additionally, CD Project Red stated in their earnings report that the long-form branded entertainment was responsible for buffing their revenue by 70%... and increasing their stock price.

So there ya go.


So, next time you plan a video marketing strategy, could you consider which car it represents in your marketing garage? It could redefine how you engage your audience and drive better sales results and conversion rates!

No matter what, your business always needs proper video marketing with right core message, emotional connection, and high quality video your target audiences and potential clients would love as much as their new black BMW. You need relevant content to generate leads and improving your brand authenticity.

Is your business have a proper car for making positive ROI? Not yet? Let's team up!

Or you can't decide what type of car your business should have. How to videos, training videos, product demos, live videos, pain points videos, and case study videos? No problem, we know how to make engaging and compelling videos. Let's connect!