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Best Recruitment Videos Examples Ever

Wojtek Jeżowski

November 6, 2023

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Recruitment videos are crucial in engaging potential talent. They offer a glimpse into a company's culture and values, showcasing the human aspect of an enterprise through a well-crafted video.

However, despite being a proven tool to attract potential hires, the sad reality is that a majority of recruitment videos blend into a sea of mediocrity, barely managing to flutter the curtain of curiosity.

The challenge, therefore, is not just about creating a recruitment video. It's about crafting a compelling narrative, a visual journey that is both authentic and captivating.... and which in the end, will make the best candidates contact your organization.

In this blog, I will explore some of the standout recruitment video examples that have managed to cut through the clutter and etch a memorable imprint on the audience. Well, most of them at least. In other words you will read how to create engaging recruitment videos aligned with your company's values. Let's start!

Heineken recruitment video campaign

Let's start with something grounded. This is a great recruitment video by Heineken. It is top-notch. That is why you may have seen this example on many of the best recruitment videos of all time lists.

Sure, it's basically an ad.... but it works.

Let's unpack why that is.

  1. It has an excellent hook that's unique and engaging. You don't get the feeling of watching a recruiting video at all.
  2. It is important to note that Heineken's recruitment strategy is centered around the viewer. While highlighting the benefits of working at the company, core values, and company culture, they always focus on "YOU." This approach is particularly appealing to modern job seekers, as it includes messages such as "Follow your heart," "We will stretch you," and "You think you can be more; we say YOU CAN be more."
  3. Excellent copywriting and storytelling. Brilliantly intertwining ideas and situations with elegant language makes the video feel welcoming and sophisticated.
  4. The ending. "You ask, where will we go? We say we don't know. You show us. " I still get goosebumps. If that doesn't attract top talent, this world can burn.
  5. Superb cinematography and visuals, unlike many company recruitment videos. Unique and uncompromising, they push the subliminal message that the workplace is... exceptional.

Apple recruitment video highlights

Off the bat, Apple sets a high bar. "You don't come to Apple unless you are really good at what you do." This is not your run-of-the-mill recruiting video. This is a specialized tool aimed at targeting the very top talent.

This dives deep into company culture, explains what Apple is, and what level you need to be to fit in... and change the world.

It's filmed very well in the form of a documentary with many employee interviews highlighting the story.

You don't see many recruitment videos like this anymore. And maybe that's a good thing. Maybe a 60-second version of this would work better nowadays, wouldn't you agree?

BBH London recruitment video

Alright, this is a bit as far away as you can get from corporate / B2B traditional recruitment video, but on the other hand, it's super, and I mean super precise. Even more so than Apple's video.

It's a poem.

And it starts out with:

"Normal is boring. Don’t let boring become normal. Why settle for standard when you can set all the standards? Stand up when others stand down?"

Hits home from the get-go.

It's a great equalizer. The ideal prospective candidates will respond to this. Others may not. But you are aiming to find only the best potential candidates, right?

It's bold, powerful, emotional, and visionary. What did you expect from a recruitment video for one of the best creative agencies in the world?

There are a lot of elements and techniques that can "inspire" your next employee recruitment videos:

  1. Collage of images. Not everyone has a great office. So don't force it. The video doesn't have to be a documentary about your organization. It should uplift potential candidates to FEEL what it's like to work for you. Use various images to broadcast that feeling straight into their brains. Company culture, company values should be felt.
  2. Actual employees... but they're shown differently here, aren't they? They don't have to speak for their voices to be heard. When real people are shown alongside inspiring images and voice-overs the former tends to legitimize the latter.
  3. Wordsmithing. The writing is superb. Again, it's not for everyone. Make sure the words you are using in your recruitment videos are crafted in a way, that they resonate with the right candidates.


Axpo recruitment video

Compared to other videos on this list, this is a rather fresh video. 2023 baby!

And although I don't know German (and the Youtube auto-captions are wonky at best) I feel energized when watching this video.

This is a masterclass on how to show your natural working environment and actual employees. Your everyday corporate and industrial locations look amazing!

They are not there just to show what the workplace is like. They are always (almost always) shown in relation to a human being. And that connection is what makes this recruitment video unique.

But to me, the best recruitment video of all time is this...

Royal Commandos recruitment video

Why? This recruitment video very precisely shows the candidate:

  • The core values of the organization.
  • What their work looks like.
  • What can they expect from the recruitment process.
  • What is the working environment like.
  • How will managers support them.
  • What conduct is expected of them.
  • What qualities is the organization seeking in a candidate.
  • Who is this job NOT for.
  • Who will this job help them become, and how will it help them grow.
  • How this job will make them feel (about themselves).

Any great recruitment video should articulate these messages. As you've seen, some on this list do it better than others... but most do. That's why they are on the list!


But the purpose of this list is not to convince you that you have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a recruitment video. I mean, you could if you want. But that's not the case.

The point of all this is to inspire you to dare think of something different. In a world where people are bombarded by content 24/7, where so many recruitment videos is made, you really need to stand out to be seen and to make a difference. So... give it a shot!

It's not enough to create generic recruitment video, or even a funny recruitment video. You have to think about your recruitment vidoes from storyteller perspective. Thanks to this you will engage potential candidates with your brand values and company culture and in the end find best employees ever.

What's next? No matter if you are an Employer Branding Manager or a Recruitment Specialist, you have to be ready to harness the power of recruitment videos for your brand. How? Get in touch with us, and let's start creating compelling and engaging recruitment videos today to take your brand and recruitment efforts to new heights.